Online dating–an investigative venture, pt. 1

Back in the day, when I was wet behind the ears and optimistic about life, I thought online dating to be absurd, a place where losers went in a last-ditch effort to be able to disguise their personality flaws just long enough to get a ring put on it. I spurned it from the perspective of sheer vanity.

As my ears dried, I began to ponder online dating from a broader cultural/philosophical perspective. In today’s more mobile/technological culture, does online dating serve merely to do what ye olde parental units used to do?

I also wondered, from a theological perspective, if maybe online dating is taking too much into our own hands. Can/does the act of exhausting every marital option also serve as an act of trust in God as sovereign? I dunno.

I posed these questions to my friends Anne and Heidi while we walked through downtown Chicago last week, at the first ever annual Turkish MK reunion. (It was epic. Next year will be better. Put in in your calendar).

We concluded with the following facts: 1) We don’t have answers. 2) But none of us are willing to risk having to constantly tell people that we met our husbands online. 3) “You should write a blog about that.”

I decided I would. Then I decided to do one better than simply musing about online dating. I would do a little investigative reporting. So tonight, as I was feeling ill and not up to the stack of homework around me, I decided to give myself a break from life and army-crawl my way through the labyrinth of online dating, the better to tell you, oh reader, what it is like. You ready?

If yes, then proceed to Part Two.

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