23 Goals

A few days ago I got a birthday card from my friend Julia (only a month and 5 days late–but I sent hers 3 days ago, and her birthday was in May, so she definitely wins this round).

In the postscript, she gave me the assignment to come up with 23 goals for my next 23 years.

I am definitely a dreamer and a goal-setter, so said assignment was right up my alley.

1. Make most of my own clothes–thrift the rest. After having seen sweatshops in LA, not to mention having been burned way too often by poor quality clothing, I want to become as valueless to the fashion industry as possible. Plus, I love the process of creating, and there are a billion really cute patterns out there to try. At this point, my sewing skills are worse than minimal–they’re actively destructive. But I have 23 years to achieve this goal, so even if I can only sew and wear one style of dress for the rest of my life, I’ll at least be able to not be nekkid. Which I think is a really good clothing goal.

2. Take a salsa class. Preferably for the rest of my life.

3. Find a baseline salary from which I can live, and give away the rest of my income. Money Possessions and Eternity, by Randy Alcorn, changed my whole perspective of money, its purpose, and how I want to deal with it once I actually start making some. I highly recommend reading said book.

4. Write a book.

5. Get published. Any ‘venue,’ be it magazine, book, etc.

6. Meet Tim Tebow. Refrain from drooling on Tim Tebow. Have an actual conversation with Tim Tebow. Achieve closure from my mad love for Tim Tebow. And maybe get a picture. Or a ring.

7. Have a big garden. Preferably one in which the plants actually grow, instead of getting blight and dying immediately, per my present garden.

8. Actually start keeping my house clean, instead of just writing up a cleaning schedule that I can’t ever be bothered to follow. Also, organize my room. Yes, this apparently minuscule task is on my list of life goals. It’s been that cluttered for that long.

9. Run a half marathon, provided my knee can take it.

10. Learn about photography–both the skill and the appreciation thereof.

11. Eliminate as much consumptive injustice from my life as possible. I know that’s a vague kind of goal. But it is incredibly important to me to live a just lifestyle. I’m trying right now to stop using sugar (frequently harvested by slaves), drink fair trade or equivalent coffee, buy my clothing solely from thrift stores, etc.

12. Figure out how to style my hair. My half-heartedly curly, but kind of not, and mostly frizzy, hair has always posed quite a dilemma to me, no matter what products I use or don’t. I actually really like the idea of learning to cut hair, too. So that’s kind of half a goal. Maybe I’ll add it next year, when I turn 24 and can have room for another.

13. Learn cake-decorating. It seems like such a fun, creative sort of thing.

14. Read one novel by every classic author. Defining “every classic author” may be an interesting task.

15. Find my ministry niche and serve in it regularly and joyfully.

16. Memorize Scripture. I’m not sure exactly what sorts of parameters to put on this one. I haven’t chosen a particular book I’d like to memorize, or anything. It’s just something I hate doing (I have no patience and hate repetition), but I know I need to learn to appreciate.

17. Develop an intentionally grateful outlook on life.

18. Learn to play guitar. Preferably well.

19. Learn to ski or snowboard.

20. Develop the ability to small talk well. I tend to go for the conversational jugular; I want to see and know and nurture people’s souls. But most people really don’t like having their souls exposed in first conversation. I need to learn to just talk to people. Like a normal person.

21. Go bungee-jumping or sky-diving.

22. Become a frequent rock climber. I last tried it maybe 5 years ago, and I was an abject failure; but I absolutely adored it. And I want to do it some more.

23. Finish my degree. I’m thisclose to burning out and quitting. I’m hoping that by making it a goal, I’ll be able to remember that it’s worth it. Really. I think.

This list makes me positively giddy about life. Good idea, Jules.

What about you, readers? What are x number of goals you have in your mind for the next several years? What kind of lifestyle are you aiming for? What about goals have you had that you have achieved, or are currently working toward? I would love to read your thoughts.


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