That good.

Psalm 119: 68–“You are good and go only good; teach me your decrees.”

Luke 18:19–“And Jesus said to him, ‘Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone.’ ”

Tonight I prayed about something that’s been cropping up in my life of late. I asked Him for a very specific resolution, which I don’t normally do. As soon as I finished praying, I took a moment to process, like the textbook INFJ that I am, and the thought crossed my mind: “He’s not going to do it. There’s no way He’s that good.” Then I thought of all the possible consequences to the specific solution I had proposed–and I realized that I, being of a non-omniscient vintage of humanity, have no idea whether the consequences of what I proposed would actually be good. And I realized that God, in not making things work out exactly as I desire, may actually be intervening on my behalf.

He’s that good. He’s good enough to protect me from myself when I want what will hurt me. He’s good enough to filter every situation in my life through His knowledge of me, what I need, and what I can handle. He’s good enough to love me when I’m a miserable excuse for an image-bearer. He’s good enough to have created me in such a way that glorifying Him, which is what is best for me, anyway, is also the path to greatest joy I can experience. He could have just forced me kneel before Him. Instead, He made it a tangible privilege to do so.

So in a way, I was right–He’s not ‘good’ enough to acquiesce to my every request. But He’s good enough to listen to them and good enough to say ‘no’ when I, from my limited perspective, make foolish requests. He’s good enough to send me what I actually do need, and good enough to love and comfort me when I am angry or hurt by His choice of gifts.

He’s that good.


One thought on “That good.

  1. I so appreciated this post. I’ve been struggling with this in my own heart and life, and to see it thus articulated…made me able to process it better.


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