Stewardship Series

Well, friends, it would appear that I am currently undergoing a bit of the hypomania that triggered the launch of The Gratitude Initiative, so rather than push out the string of unrelated drafts I’ve begun and abandoned in the course of a 3 day writing orgy, I’ve decided to try to harness some of that productivity into yet another project: October is now officially (drum roll!) “Stewardship Month” here at Renaissanced Reality.

This one is a bit less thought out than the Gratitude Initiative, in part because I thought of it 2.32 hours ago while in class, and so haven’t had a chance to really process and plan it (yet my anal retentive side insists that if I am to do a series through October, it absolutely must begin October 1st!), and in part because this time, we have no Nancy Leigh Demoss to guide us. It’s just me. . .the non-seminarian, non-Greek-speaking sinner is leading this venture! So it’s going to be, if nothing else, informative about the¬†hermeneutical (dis?)abilities of a ‘mainstream’ American Christian. Furthermore, the posts will be less frequent, because I technically shouldn’t even be taking the time off of my life to write this post, let alone an entire series.

My hope for this series is to take a look at how we are handling the various aspects of stewardship with which we are charged–not in order to increase the weight of our responsibilities or guilt, but so that we are able to make increasingly wise choices regarding how we spend our time, money, etc. Am I in any way qualified to lead this thing? Absolutely not, which is where you come in. I welcome your thoughts/questions/criticisms/etc. throughout this project; I’m learning as much as you are.

Y’all ready to rumble?

Side note: Some of you may think of me as a soft-core hippie, which is a label I have no wish to avoid; but this series won’t be about me going on anti-establishment rants, or pushing an agenda of saving trees at all costs. It’s going to (hopefully) be holistic in scope and entirely Scripture-based in nature. So don’t tune out quite yet if littering is your idea of a good time. We’ll address the environmental aspect of stewardship, but I’m eager to address some other areas of stewardship that we may overlook at times.


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