Facebook Fast

Yes, dear friends, you read that correctly.

Tonight I was chatting with my dear mama on Facebook and she mentioned that she has just completed a 30-day TV fast. I immediately saw great potential in this idea to help break my semi-addiction to Facebook.

I’m on Facebook a lot more than is healthy or even in line with my convictions. It is, after all, a quick and convenient way to take a mental break from my homework while simultaneously stroking my desire for the kind of relationships that grant a sense of community without actually requiring effort. (This is not an anti-Facebook rant, as I am obviously a frequenter of that particular form of social media; I am aware, however, that I waste far more time than necessary on said website.) I’ve been flirting with the idea of quitting it altogether for several months now, but I’ve found that using things in moderation is usually harder than simply quitting altogether, and I want to challenge myself to see if I have the strength to interact with people on Facebook in moderate doses and thoughtful ways.

To detox, though, I’m going cold turkey. Starting at midnight tonight, I will no longer be checking Facebook until November 9th. My blog will still be linked to it, but I will not have access to messages, status updates, posts, etc., so please don’t contact me via Facebook with emergency/urgent information, including but not limited to:

  • “I have just been kidnapped/bitten by a snake/fallen into a hole, please call the cops/snake charmers/fire department.”
  • “Lauren, the party for Roger is a surprise, so please don’t say anything to him!”
  • “Lauren, I just met the man of your dreams, but he’s only going to be in the country until tomorrow, so the minute you see this message, come over and meet him!”

You may, of course, send me messages or leave me wall posts showering me with affection, as long as that affection can be depended upon to last through the 9th of November. You may also feel free to insult me mercilessly while I am oblivious and defenseless, in hopes that I’ll find it hilarious by November.

Depending on how difficult I find this gig, you may get a post at the end detailing my experience. . .if the withdrawal symptoms have abated by then, that is.

See ya on the other side, folks!


4 thoughts on “Facebook Fast

  1. Hope you get over your “addiction” because your postings and comments would be sorely missed if you quit altogether.
    In fact, I miss you already and its only been 30 minutes! πŸ™‚

  2. Ooh, good for you! I might join you, at some point. I’ve changed the times that I check FB, which has helped me, and done the occasional few days fast. I’m looking forward to your observations on your experience.

    1. So far, so uneventful. πŸ™‚ But please feel free to join me. . .I feel somewhat isolated and lonely without the permanent pseudo-connection FB offers.

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