Camping: Act One

The set: Great Smoky Mountains National Park, October 14th-17th.

The cast of characters:

Name: Lauren “Birts” Birtles.

Role: Ex-roommate.

The most laid-back person this side of the Mississippi.

Loves a challenge, particularly one of the culinary persuasion.

Sarcasm is her love language.

If lost in the woods, would: create an inspiring dish from some obscure herb to serve to the rescue team.

Name: Cate “Cater” Messenger.

Role: Friend from Taylor.

Don’t let her porcelain doll appearance fool you. This girl is mischief incarnate.

Prefers life barefoot.

Resents planning.

If lost in the woods, would: make up a game using pine cones and squirrels.

Name: Meghan “Meggers” Bryant.

Role: Friend from Taylor

Mover and shaker.

Can transform a pipe dream into reality in 30 seconds or less.

The person you want on your side if you need to plan, make a decision, take action, or live life.

The consummate planner.

Designated parent figure of the week.

If lost in the woods, would: build a beautiful cabin, complete with indoor plumbing.

Name: Lauren “L-Wie” Wiest

Role: Self

Speaks fluent irony.

Has a persistent love affair with mud.

Makes a mean cup of coffee using only a sock.

If lost in the woods, would: starve to death while imagining all the exciting things she could do to ensure survival.

The plot: 4 friends from college meet up at a beautiful campground in Tennesee for 2.58 days of nonstop laughter, games, fellowship, and the inevitable sock coffee.

I’m not yet sure of the rising action and climax of the story, but we’ll be working it make it a good one!


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