Save me from myself. . .

I used to think that I would be ushered into competent adulthood when I walked across the stage of Taylor University to pick up a leather folder containing a piece of paper that had been practicing its whole life to function as a stand-in for a diploma.

I was rudely shaken out of that dream when I tripped while walking back to my seat after the Great Bestowing of Adulthood. I have since realized that adulthood is not something that is conferred upon you, but for which you have to fight tooth and nail. Thus far, I am nowhere near.

Take this atrocity, for example (mothers, please avert thine eyes):

This is my bed. It looks exactly as it did when I crawled from it at the unholy hour of “Quarter To the Rooster’s Crow” this morning.

Yes, I have slept for the last three nights under a pile that contains such items as

1) Clean laundry

2) A resuseable shopping bag

3) A textbook

4) Jewelery

5) Body lotion

6) Possibly not-so-clean laundry.

Furthermore, I’m a 23-year-old who has a Disney Princess pillowcase.

SuperNanny would have a field day with me.

I have dragged myself from the house before dawn every day this week, and I have yet to get back before self-respecting members of the human race are cozily dreaming of sugar plums. I simply do not have the time to place each item on my bed in its proper place, but I feel compelled to leave my mess where it is under the conviction that a true adult would not simply strew it all over the floor.

Help me, adult-like people! How, oh how, do you do manage to fulfill all of your duties and still maintain living quarters that are actually. . .well, livable? And are there any pragmatic steps I can take to free myself from the burden of sleeping under 15 pounds of laundry? (Besides folding it, of course. I have 2.5 minutes with which to address this situation between tonight and next Friday).

And when do I get that special adult gene that makes me magically able to take grad classes AND live like a human being?


9 thoughts on “Save me from myself. . .

  1. Okay, this is simple, you have two laundry baskets, okay let’s make that 3. They are 2.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond, get them. Put clean clothes in one. Dirty clothes in the other and lotion and books and the rest of the clutter in the other. You will look organized. You will be able to throw the blankets up so the bed looks half made an there you go, it did not take you more than 45 seconds, so you have 1 minute and a half to spare. Go for it. And, tomorrow when I am out running my 5 miles, I will pray for you, because clutter is the number one stumbling block in a home. So, I want you to get past the stumble, and have success. Cindy Martens.

  2. Don’t be discouraged. You are in the busy years of life and trying to keep everything organized is always a challenge. As a wife and mother, not to mention the one crazy year of dorm parenting, I have spent years mulling over how to be efficient in housework. I don’t enjoy cleaning at all, but I hate a messy house. This caused me to form a philosophy of housework which is, to clean as I go and just do one thing at a time. If I have time I clean methodically, meaning starting in one corner and cleaning to the other. I am also a list maker, but I know that is not for everyone. Think through what will work for you and try to implement it every day. Discipline in anything is never easy but I just keep trying and over the years things have gotten better and better. Cindy’s laundry basket idea sounds great!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Mrs. Love! I like to think that one of these days I’ll be able to be at least a little more organized, but as you said, discipline does take time to implement.

  3. My suggestion is do what I do. Embrace the messiness! Being a grad student is like having a get out of jail free card for all sorts of time consuming activities. You simply look at your bed say “eh I’m taking 32 hours of classes this week. It’s not expected that I also have a bed that is made” hahaha now I understand this advice may not be as helpful as the previous comments, but lets be real, mine’s the easiest to do:)

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