My Fail-Proof Litmus Test for Illness

I haven’t felt well for the past few days. I deserve it; despite the fact that today is Halloween, I won’t tell you the grisly details of how I’ve been abusing my poor undeserving body of late. It’s been brutal, and I may need to do nothing but sleep, exercise, and eat cucumbers and cod liver oil for the next three weeks to try to offset some of the damage. I would arm wrestle Vin Diesel for a cucumber right now.

I’ve gotten used to this drill since starting grad school; “Overload self with duties, work feverishly for weeks at a time, watch body deteriorate into a quivering mass of refluxing acid, back pain, headaches, chills, and so on and so forth, then spend a day in bed staring at the ceiling while mind and body heal, or at least recuperate.” (Repeat as often as necessary until you are grasping a degree in your clammy, comatose palm).

I know this is an incredibly unhealthy pattern, especially for someone whose future career path involves encouraging others to live healthy lifestyles, and it is thus a pattern I am eager to break.

Today I received just the shot in the arm that I need to ensure that this never happens again. As I lay in bed, too exhausted to think or act, but cranky and cabin-fevered, the following startling thought crossed my mind: “I should listen to Taylor Swift.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I am losing my mind, my principles, my very self.

I am resolved: tomorrow I am going to work out, eat a cucumber, and begin the long, hard process of gently luring myself back to reason.

Wish me sanity!


2 thoughts on “My Fail-Proof Litmus Test for Illness

  1. I think this is the first time EVER I find something we don’t agree on! While country music is, in general, my favorite punch line to a joke about seriously bad music, I love me some Taylor Swift.
    Feel better, my dear! I’ll pray for you! 🙂

  2. Oh dear! Kate, I thought we were soul sisters! No, I kid–I refuse to let Taylor Swift impact my life enough to cause rifts in my friendships. 🙂

    Thanks for your prayers, dear! I am well on my way to complete healing, though I think God is trying to teach me a pretty important lesson about overcommitment and identity in the meantime.

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