Grad School: The Great Ego-Killer

This is a direct quote from the results of a test my mom filled out  regarding me, her only begotten daughter.

“Social skills problems are considered to be one of LAUREN’S most significant behavioral and emotional areas to address. . .LAUREN’S BASC-2 profile indicates significant problems with Social Skills. Based on Rhonda Wiest’s ratings, LAUREN is experiencing problems with the following behaviors:

Social Skills.”

My test just called me a loser. With capital letters and repetition in case I missed the point the first 8 times.

No. . .wait.

It gets better.

My mother just called me a loser.

Why didn’t I just go to medical school like everyone else? Then I could be testing my blood instead of my personality.

On the bright side, I probably would have bombed that entrance interview, what with my social skills, and all.


6 thoughts on “Grad School: The Great Ego-Killer

  1. I’m sitting in my lonely little bedroom at the end of a very long, miserable day, and am now laughing out loud at this post. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing.

  2. HAHA Girl! I TOTALLY understand!!! We really need to hang out… we can be socially awkward together 🙂 You’re amazing… and if it’s any consolation… I do not find you socially awkward (which may not be saying much):-) hahahaha love you sooo much~

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