I Have No Social Skills, and other realizations


After the last post I wrote, I was entirely inundated with comments.

Comments out the wazoo.

Big comments, little comments, everywhere a comment comment.

And it’s weird. . .because I wrote that post in complete jest. As I told someone earlier today, my ego started developing well before my social skills, so I was unmoved by my mother’s heartless evaluation of me.

You, on the other hand, dear readers, were apparently touched deep within your hearts, and you rose up en masse to comfort me. I do appreciate your empathy. . .but it made me pause for a moment. Whereas at first I airily waved off my mother’s critique of me, assuming that that was all in the past and that I am a socially functional individual, the sudden outpouring of concern for me in light of my test results caused a flutter of self-doubt.

People were taking me seriously. They were affirming my pain, but so much more than that, they were affirming the thesis of that post: in short, they were telling me that I am awkward, which was a dynamic that had not so much as crossed my mind.

As I made my way through the comments, however, I realized that. . .well, I do give you plenty of fuel for the fodder.

You know, like how I live in constant fear of a visit from the Health Department.

Or how I fall through walls.

Or how I have something faintly bovine about my appearance.

Or how I drink coffee out of a sock.

I’m not the brightest apple in the bunch, but when the evidence slaps me in the face, I’m willing to succumb and admit that I might be a bit off in the head.

And what’s more. . .I enjoy the weird parts of my life significantly more than I enjoy the normal ones.

Take that, BASC-2! You can take my denial, but you will never have my pride!

PS: I decided not to let through most of the kind comments, not because they were not appreciated, but because I felt that when juxtaposed against my acerbic writing style, it might look as though I was mocking y’all; I do want to assure those of you who were worried that your concerns on my behalf were very sweet, and that my overly healthy sense of self-esteem has not been remotely impacted by this experience.


3 thoughts on “I Have No Social Skills, and other realizations

  1. Apparently even Google thinks you have a ‘problem’- check out the ad Google sponsored right below your post!

    Help with Shyness
    Documented clinical success since 1978. Free CD/diagnostic tools

    Or maybe it’s telling me I have a problem??

      1. Sorry, but the irony was too good not to share =)

        P.S. I took the anxiety quiz, apparently I have social anxiety too, so don’t feel bad! 😉

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