So many thoughts, so little time

I spent most of my break far from the reaches of any computer, and I have to say that all in all, it was quite refreshing.

Of course, I’m just brimming with thoughts that are awaitin’ some blogging, everything from a synopsis of “Amusing Ourselves to Death” to the horrifying experience that is an airport bathroom to the anatomy of the best compliment I ever received to what my room says about me, but over the next two-plus weeks I have to accomplish what feels like a Herculean amount of school work and project completion and room-cleaning, so all those thoughts must be placed on the back burner for now (and possibly forever, if I wake up tomorrow morning hung-over on deep thinking with the realization that most of my thoughts weren’t actually useful at all; they just seemed useful when I was sleep-deprived and travel weary). Wow. I think that paragraph should fulfill your run-on sentence requirements for the month. I haven’t slept in. . .well, let’s just say that I ran out of phalanges in my attempts to add it up.

It’s the time in the semester when I cast school in the role of Oppressor and myself in the role of Russell Crowe without all the cheesy bits. I start listening to music like Eye of the Tiger and the Les Miserables soundtrack (think Red and Black, not Castle on a Cloud), my rants against “the man” start to hit the far side of paranoid, and I become the crusty old man version of my normally pleasant, pessimistic self. With that in mind, I will make every attempt to censor myself even more carefully than usual until I break the back of the Oppressor and skip off into the sunset with my band of Merry Men.

16 days until freedom! Until then, thanks for sticking with me, folks. You make it enjoyable to hone my writing voice, and I love you for it.


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