Semester Goals: Attainable Edition

After years of searching, I think I am on the verge of discovering the key, the Holy Grail, of all goal-setting.

You wanna know that secret?

It’s been purchased with months of tears, a good deal of sweat, and the merest smidge of blood.

You ready?

Can you HANDLE the truth?


Here goes.

Lean in. . .a little more. . .a little more. . .

The secret is. . .

Chill the heck out.

Shocking, isn’t it? Counter-intuitive to the max, and yet it’s the only the that works for me. When I make a list of goals I want to attain and set up a plan regarding how I’m going to attain each one, including a reward system and a timeline for each one, I fail. Miserably. Every time.

When I drift along with a list of goals vaguely circulating through my brain, I actually do them.

I have no idea why, and I’m starting to wonder if Myers and Briggs have pegged me all kinds of wrong. I thought I was an uptight, by-the-rules J. But I might be a spacey, drift-through-life P, after all.

The discovery of my Holy Grail hasn’t stopped me from making a list of semester goals, but it has changed the goals I set; whereas my usual goals tend to focus on striving above and beyond my normal call of duty (ie: read 3 great novels, and keep my room clean, and exercise every day, and learn a new language, etc. etc.), I’ve decided that this semester I’m going to try a new tactic and simply set goals I know I’m going to attain anyway (ie: go to class). That way, my goals are met, my ego is boosted, and everybody wins! (Or rather, I win twice, which is the same thing as far as I’m concerned).

Goals 2011:

1) Chill the heck out.

I wanna live as though Bob Marley wrote my life soundtrack this semester.

2) Finish a rough draft of a book.

I don’t think I’ve ever come out and explained this story to everyone (though I’ve probably hinted at it enough that you want to punch my in the face if I ever talk about it again)–through a number of divinely ordained and unexpected circumstances, I was hired last semester to ghost-write a book for an incredible couple who worked as missionaries in Iran for 25 years; we’re shooting for a missionary biography without all that pesky perfection. We’re in about year 5 of the 25 right now, but I’ve dropped a class and cleared my schedule this semester in hopes that we can pound out a complete draft by June. And let me tell you, the stories are craaaazy.

Pop quiz!

Regarding this book-writing, Lauren is

a) Pumped

b) Blessed

c) Still in a state of disbelief

d) Absolutely terrified

e) All of the above

(First person to the right answer wins a prize. . .which I’m going to say will be a copy of the book, in hopes that you forget to claim said prize by the time it actually comes out. Incidentally, that’s the real reason I want to be an author; so I can get away with plying my writings on poor hapless family and friends in the name of Christmas and birthday presents).

3) Strive for personal enrichment in each of my classes.

Addictions Counseling, Marriage Counseling, and Sexuality Counseling? Done. I’ve honestly never been so excited or relaxed about a semester in my life. I’ve had two of the professors before, and their classes are meaty in the extreme; I always feel like I’ve been drowned in growth and truth afterward.

In essence, my goals this semester are to live, and to enjoy doing it.

What about y’all? Any plans you’ve set up for the next several months?


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