Classes, Day One of My 17th Year of Education

7:59–Arrive on campus. Realize that I have no idea where my class is.

8:00-8:03–Sprint through the class buildings, searching frantically for my class and disrupting all others while I’m at it.

8:05–Find class.

11:59–Show up for picture day at work.

12:00–Realize that the email that I read as “No purple or blue” actually said “Wear purple or blue.”

12:00–Look down. I’m wearing green. Shocking green. Green that could never be mistaken for purple or blue.

12:00–Wonder if my red-bordering-on-purple face counts for anything.

2:00–Go to accounting to pay my bill.

2:02–Sit at computer reserved for printing one’s bill statements.

2:03–Check email.

2:04–Walk out of building.

2:05–Realize that bills are still unpaid.

2:05–Decide to go to the library and read instead of paying bills.


4:55–Remember meeting. When my meetee walks into the library to find me writing emails, blissfully unaware.

4:55–Turn purple. Again.

First days of class are the pits.


7:55–Publish a post on your blog.

5 days and 3 hours later, realize that I grossly mis-titled said post. This is not my 17th year of education. It’s my 18th. And a half. Not counting kindergarten. Clearly the math part of my education was more than lacking.

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