Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend have made quite the literary name for themselves with their Boundaries series, in which they detail the. . .uh. . .boundaries that people ought to draw with significant others such as spouses, bosses, kids, etc.

I’m all about making, or even swindling, a literary name, and while I was reading Boundaries in Marriage for class today, I started daydreaming about infringing upon the Boundaries series with a list of titles that would be more appropriate for my particular stage of life, such as:

1. Boundaries with Homework: Learn how to spend your Saturday nights doing something non-academic and enjoying it.

2. Boundaries with Chocolate: Fruitless.

3. Boundaries with Music: How to stop listening to crap.

4. Boundaries with Bedtime: Or, “Just have one, already!”

5. Boundaries with Grammar: Stop texting people who use phrases like ‘ur’ and ‘lol’.

6. Boundaries with Sweatpants: Give your other clothes a chance.

7. Boundaries with Jobs: Five. Is. Enough.

8. Boundaries with Peanut Butter: Homegirl, you gots a problem.

9. Boundaries with Discontent: Your life is plenty green on this side, baby girl.

10. Boundaries with Procrastination: You’re never going to write these books, are you?


2 thoughts on “Boundaries

  1. 11. Boundaries with games: Yes, it’s 2:45am. Yes, your paper is due tomorrow. No, you do not need to play one more round of Insaniquarium.

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