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Last week sometime, I was involved in a conversation regarding how each person involved discovered the music to which they listen; I had never considered this point before, because I’ve always been blessed to be surrounded by people/blogs/Pandora stations that introduce me to wonderful musical options.

That said, I would feel guilty keeping such riches to myself, so here’s a list of the music that is currently on my ‘favorites’ playlist–you may or may not have already tried these musicians on for size, but if you haven’t, I recommend that you do so  if you have any plans of passing go and collecting two hundred ‘awesome’ points.

1. The Dirt Poor Robins. I can’t exactly explain their style (I think they brand themselves as ‘theatre rock?’), but they’ve been one of my favorite bands for more than a year or more now. They were the first obscure band I ever discovered on my own, and I wear it like a badge of honor. This is not easy listening–you have to work for their lyrics.

2. The Civil Wars. A folksy-not-kitschy duo that just brings light to my soul. Honestly, they may the best thing to ever happen to me in the arena of indie/folk. Poison & Wine is their go-to, but I recommend you also try Barton Hollow and their cover of Leonard Cohen’s Dance Me To the End of Love. Actually–scratch that. Listen to the whole album.

3. First Aid Kit–Another folksy Swedish duo that I especially adore because they are made up of two girls. What? An all-female group that doesn’t strip or dance? That alone is worthy of applause, even if their music wasn’t awesome (which is is).

4. Florence + The Machine. Florence Welch, lead singer, is backed by a variety of ever-changing musicians, just one interesting facet of this. . .band? Group? Singer? Anyway, my vocabulary is inadequate to articulate why I appreciate her so much, so I shan’t try.

5. The Once soundtrack. This movie came out awhile ago, but the soundtrack lives on.

6. George Winston–My word, I love this man (born in Michigan, whoop whoop!). I found him through my friend Nellie’s blog (which you really ought to read sometime with a cup of coffee, a slice of biscotti, and your brain fully engaged), and my life feels eternally enriched by the strains of his mad piano skills. A date with him and a cup of tea can make a morning.

7. Bond–Another all-female group, this one a string quartet that brands itself as “classical crossover;” they flirt pretty heavily with easy-listening/pop, but I like them enough to own it. You may hate me for this inclusion.

8. Andrew Bird. I can’t find the piece, but I am almost positive that I read an article about him recently that called him one of the most talented songwriters of this generation. Or something. My friend Heidi, whose musical taste I respect above all else, also thinks he the bombdiggity.

9. Cake. One of the most respected philosophy professors at my undergraduate school swore by this band. Try it. You’ll like it.

That’s just a snippet of my current faves, which is constantly being revised. If any of you have some awesome bands you’d like to fling into this carnival of musical snobbery, please feel free to do so! And don’t be self-conscious–I listen to Miley Cyrus when I need to get stuff done, so you can’t shame yourself any worse than I just did.

PS: Photo Credit here. I don’t actually know the DPR well enough to have taken their picture. . .yet.


2 thoughts on “Currently Listening. . .

  1. I love pop music! Don’t diss it! 😦 On the other hand, I don’t believe in musical snobbery, which is why all my friends just shake their heads in disappointment when I talk about music.

    As for awesome music, Rose Melberg. Find something by her and let me know what you think. I’m particularly fond of “Cast Away the Clouds”.

    1. Ooo, I’ll be sure to check her out! Thanks for the recommendation! Also, please note that there are certain artists I listen to that I will never confess to having ever heard of. I love a little guilty pleasure pop now and again. 🙂

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