Life Lessons, Hair Salon Edition

1. What you think you’re telling your stylist is worlds apart from what you are actually communicating to your stylist.

2. Not that it matters. The moment you ask for input, your stylist is going to take that as an open invitation to do whatever she wants to your hair.

3. If you have a baby face masking a shriveled, sarcastic soul, it is imperative to make sure that your stylist is aware of both if you don’t want to leave the salon channeling your inner child.

4. “Bangs” is a relative term, especially when coupled with the adjective “long.”

5. Friends who can whisk you away for emergency pizza and froyo can go a long way toward soul-soothing.

6. Hats are a girl’s best friend.


2 thoughts on “Life Lessons, Hair Salon Edition

    1. Quite true. I remember one guy named Ali who would ask people if they wanted something, they’d explicitly say “No,” and he’d do it anyway.

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