Hair. Chopped.

Let me say this much:

I hate photos of myself. I actually get a little offended when people imply that I am in any way photogenic, because I desperately hope that I don’t actually look the way photos indicate I do.

That said, I am so excited about this haircut that I can’t even wait until tomorrow, when a makeup/hair/photoshoot/dance party of epic proportions will be going down, to post pictures. (Note: This is the fixed version of the haircut fail I experienced a few weeks ago. So please don’t feel the need to comfort me. If it looks devastatingly bad, I’m happily oblivious, and would prefer to remain that way).

Take them with a boulder of salt. I may not actually be less weird-looking in real life, but I like to pretend I am.

Also, I can’t help but make really bizarre faces in photos. I don’t understand it.

There you go, world. I’ve finally completed a years-long quest to look like an adolescent boy.

Go ahead, call me Justin Bieber. You know you want to.

5 thoughts on “Hair. Chopped.

  1. My previously stated opinion is thoroughly re-affirmed here. Also, your self-portrait camera work is improving by leaps and bounds. And I see you’ve developed a third picture face! Kudos!

  2. Very cute! The hair frames your face quite well. I don’t think you understand the gifts God has given to you, but I suppose that keeps you humble. I look forward to seeing you next pics, but you really don’t need the makeover stuff. Really. Have a great day!

  3. Rockin. I’ve been tempted to chop my hair, but I never looked cool with the short do; rock that out, girl. Lookin forward to seeing it in 3D.

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