iBreak. uPray?

My apologies, dear readers. I’ve been taking a half-intentional, half-“oops!” hiatus from blogging for the past month or so.

I’m in the midst of a spiritual pallor of such depth and weight that it doesn’t translate well to communication of any form. In the past I’ve tried to be authentic with you all in hopes that my growth opportunities, when channeled through my passion for writing, would serve to hone and encourage some of you. And perhaps one day there will be space for me to share what I’ve learned/am learning with you. But that time has not yet come; every time I’ve started to write about my current spiritual state, I’ve sensed a very clear “Not now, Lauren.” For whatever reason, these lessons are mine alone at this time.

Pray for me, if you would–for perseverance, for the humility to struggle honestly under the microscope of Christian bubblehood, and for the discernment to understand and accept what God would have me learn right now.

I hope that my mind and schedule clear enough for me to be back here more regularly soon. (Kindly consider that ‘soon’ to be an extremely relative term.)

In the meantime, dear friends, thank you for checking this little blog o’mine so faithfully and harassing me to update so frequently. It sounds cheesy, but I’m truly honored that you make time for my thoughts, even when I update so infrequently.


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