The Gratitude Initiative 2.0: Day Two

1) Patience. I require a lot of it, and I’m thankful for the people who consistently give it to me.

2) Sharpie pens. I’m not even kidding–on days when I don’t feel like counseling, I bust out my special Sharpie pens to give me a little boost through the sessions.

3) Sleep. I appreciate the fact that God gave us such a gracious and enjoyable reminder that we are not all-powerful.

4) Coffee and flavored coffee creamer. In my life, the two are basically synonymous. And they truly brighten my mornings. And afternoons. And sometimes evenings.

5) My internship–it is a privilege and honor to be entrusted with the opportunity to speak hope into suffering souls, and my internship is the perfect blend of a great fit and a heady challenge for me.

Your turn: can you name 5 things for which you are grateful today?

6 thoughts on “The Gratitude Initiative 2.0: Day Two

  1. Not really feeling it today, but I guess that’s what this little exercise is for, right?

    1. Socks. My feet are always cold. I don’t know what I would do without them.
    2. My glasses. Being able to see is a precious gift.
    3. A family in which each member (and there are a lot of them) loves and enjoys every other member.
    4 & 5. Polka dots and postcards. It’s amazing how little things can bring such joy.

  2. I strongly agree with #2 and #4…definitely a big fan of both. I actually just spent much more time than should be necessary in the pen aisle debating over all those beautiful pens! 😉 And I happened to leave the store with some coffee too!

    My other three…
    1. Phone calls from good friends
    3. Good sermons that convict but also encourage and make me think
    5. Pictures of my friends’ new babies (which will have to do until I can see them for real!)

      1. That is, my weird obsession with pens, not my obsession with weird pens. I actually don’t like weird pens. . .you know, the ones growing purple hair and such? Weird.

  3. 1. Sunshine. When you live in the rainy Black Forest, you are happy for all the sunny days you can get.
    2. Taco meat over rice with cheese. Yum.
    3. A backyard full of birds. This morning I must have hit feeding time. There were 2 dozen birds flitting all over the neighbor’s yard.
    4. God’s longsuffering patience. He’s giving me a life time to learn more about Him. He never says, “You still don’t get it?”
    5. Cognitive therapy imposed upon myself. My feelings aren’t necessarily a reflection of the truth. Think myself out of a self-pity party.

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