Gratitude Initative 2.0, Day 4

Grateful today for:

1) Freedom of speech. I read an article on yesterday about drug cartels in Mexico murdering two people as a threat to bloggers and social networkers who are denouncing said cartels. I can’t imagine living in a state of constant fear just because I posted an opinion online.

2) The advent of autumn. I actually had to run in sweatshirt this morning, because it was so breezy cool here. I can’t wait to bust out the apple cider, apple butter, pumpkin spice creamer. . .I love everything fallish.

3) Nature. I love nature and its soul-restorative properties. I’m so grateful that Creation, even fallen, is so mind-blowingly beautiful. God is so good to allow traces of beauty and goodness to remain in a world that is so different than what He created it to be.

4) This morning was one of the best of 2011 to date, a perfect blend of relaxation and stimulation, including as it did a run, impromptu breakfast date, time spent with roommates, coffee, Bible study, and plenty of upbeat guilty-pleasure style music.

5) Opportunity. My impromptu breakfast date with one of my roommates was to McDonalds, because nothing is more logical after a workout than getting your artery clog on. While there, I studied the wide range of people represented, from the businessman with three coffees sitting across from me to the homeless man with half a coffee sitting next to me to the workers cleaning up spilled coffee around me (coffee was a big theme of my morning). It served as a poignant reminder to me that I was born into a position of relative privilege in the world, yielding me a world of rich opportunities of which many other people in the world would not dare to dream. It also served as a visual call to my heart to utilize my position to ensure that others are given similar chances. Blessings hoarded are blessings squandered.

Your turn. What are you grateful for today?


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