Gratitude Initiative 2.0, Day 5

Sorry for the weekend hiatus in gratefulness. I wasn’t feeling well, and it totally slipped my mind to be grateful. Oops. So, picking up where we left off:

1) Open-book quizzes. During weeks like these, they’re a lifesaver.

2) Medicine. It’s awfully handy when it’s needed.

3) Ease at the DMV. I took one of my retreat kids there to get his permit, and when we walked in the door, I started having flashbacks to multiple semi-traumatic trips there in an effort to get my own permit. (It took multiple efforts to find all the right paperwork, and the people at the Battle Creek DMV had apparently never come across the concept of a TCK before.) Thankfully though, Justin was in and out in short order (per DMV standards).

4) Truth. It’s amazing to me that when I actually allow myself to own and rest in truth, a lot of the things that have been deeply frustrating to me either come into focus or lose their importance.

5) Real mail from dear friends. Jules, you made my day. I love you.

You’re up. Go be grateful.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude Initiative 2.0, Day 5

  1. 1. Over 350 women signed up for Prayer Warrior Bootcamp. When we only expected 150.
    2. Calling to get hair appointment. No appointments before I leave. Leave name for waiting list. She calls this afternoon. And I am in.
    3. I leave in 7 days. 7 days until I meet my nephew. I am pumped.
    4. Tomorrow is my momma’s birthday. She is one of the strongest ladies I know. I am so thankful God handpicked her to be my momma.
    5. For the new couple that moved in 4 house down. She is from Alabama. Her sister knows my sister. They are here studying Russian to be missionaries. She is so fun and I have loved hanging out with her.

    1. Allison! It was just a few weeks ago that you were talking about needing to have more ‘crazy-fun people’ in your life; what a tangible answer to prayer. Awesome.

  2. 1. Sunshine. I probably listed this before but I’m going to be grateful for it every day that I get it here in Europe!
    2. Bran Flakes. Don’t know if they are any more healthy than any other cereal but I feel good eating them.
    3. Indische Gewuerztee. German for Indian Spice Tea. It’s actually just a mix of spices that I add to my tea. Yum, chai!
    4.Friends who loan you their car.
    5. Being caught up on emails. Feels good.

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