The Gratitude Iniative 2.0, Day 6

1) Hats: protecting the world from Lauren’s bad hair days since 2010.

2) My roommates. Callie provides me with coffee, humor, and objectivity to balance my flair for the ever-so-slightly dramatic. Hannah’s sweet spirit is equal parts comfort and inspiration. They bless me.

3) Literary classics. I’ve been immersing myself in them lately, and so appreciating the richness to be found therein.

4) The faithfulness of God. He is so patient with me, and has really been driving home the theme of His faithfulness to me over the past month or so. Man y’all, I am so excited to share pieces of my spiritual journey with you someday. Now is not quite the time, as I’ve not been able to settle in with the lessons yet. But I’m learning. . .I’m ‘learning God’, so to speak. It’s a crazy ride.

5) I’m essentially caught up with my homework for this week, or at least caught up enough that I can have a chill, recuperative night at home with tea and roommate therapy.


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