The Gratitude Initiative 2.0, Day 7

Grateful today that/for:

1) I pulled the manuscript of my first ghost-writing attempt into a single document this morning. 119 pages of blood, sweat, and tears are represented in that document. I am thrilled to start draft two; what an opportunity.

2) I was able to be really productive last night/this morning during a battle with insomnia. It’s helpful to knock those dreaded small tasks out of the way when you’re too stupid to avoid them.

3) Mascara. I am by no means a slave to make-up, but on days like this, it can take me from “something the Zombie Apocalypse wouldn’t touch” to “relatively human” with 3 quick swipes of a wand.

4) Storms. There is a massive one brewing outside, and I can’t stop peeking out at the gorgeous clouds every few minutes.

5) Thought-provoking conversations; I’ve had a couple in the last few days. I love being mentally stretched and challenged, and I’m grateful for the opportunities to do so, as well as the people who engage me at that level. My life is positively overflowing with incredible people. I am blessed.

Whatcha grateful for today?


One thought on “The Gratitude Initiative 2.0, Day 7

  1. 1) Rain. Love, love, love it.
    2) Pumpkin bread – such a yummy treat :).
    3) The colors of an early-morning sunrise (who would have guessed that, underneath all this rain, there was a riot of gold?).
    4) Belts. The life-saver of my pants ;).
    5) YOU.

    Congrats on the manuscript, my friend – that’s wonderful!

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