The Gratitude Initiative 2.0, Day 8

Hm. . .my gratitude muscle is feeling flabby today, but here go my efforts:

1) I’m starting to hit a sort of groove, therapy-wise. I’m starting to enjoy this profession; there really is no feeling like watching as a client makes a major therapeutic breakthrough.

2) Laughter. Yesterday something happened in class that caused me to catch the giggles so hard that I finally had to excuse myself. I spent the final 20 minutes of class sitting in the break room laughing manically, much to the chagrin of studying seminary students. It was a much-needed, albeit slightly hysterical, outlet, and I’ve been smiling to myself all day each time I think of it. (Side note: It would appear that I need to get out more.)

3) Sleep. I know I said sleep just a few days ago, but that was a general thankfulness that sleep exists. This gratitude is channeled more specifically, as in, “I slept last night.” I needed it badly.

4) My shower this morning. The water was cold, for whatever reason, but I had to stop myself in mid-gripe when I reminded myself that it’s a near-miracle that water is piped from who-knows-where to the privacy of my own bathroom at my behest.

5) Hope and its’ eternal springing.

You’re up. Give yo’ gratitude muscle a workout.


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