While waiting for licensure. . .

A Whole30 Contract

We, the undersigned, do hereby swear to spend the next 30 days of our lives (June 4th-July 4th) eating according to the Whole30, the WHOLE30 and nothing but the Whole30.

We do thereby forswear the consumption of the following foods and/or food-like substances: grains, alcohol, added sugars, legumes, dairy products (not including eggs), white potatoes, MSG, sulfites, and carrageenan, whatever the junk that is supposed to be. We will not try to make our favorite unhealthy meals out of the foods we are able to consume, as we allow our taste buds, minds, and emotions to form new expectations of and attachments to foods. We will not use food to inappropriately comfort, entertain, soothe, or otherwise meet needs it is not intended or able to fill.

We will not weigh or measure ourselves during this time, as the point is to be healthy in mind and body, rather than unhealthfully image-obsessed.

Further, we will strive to decrease our levels of stress, increase our levels of sleep and sunlight, and play hard in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Primal Diet. In the interest of lifestyle change, I (Lauren) further agree to eschew any form of television or entertainment media that is not engaged in within a social context, and to strive to include at least one creative activity in each day.

We enter this contract of our own free will, and promise to engage it with enthusiasm and gratitude, rather than with attitudes of complaint and deprivation. We agree to focus on health/ability rather than weight/image, lifestyle change rather than quick fixes, ‘can haves’ rather than ‘can’t haves’, and inclusion and acceptance of others rather than the all-too-easy route of dietary snobbery.

In other words: BAM.



Callie Helwig                             Date:

Lauren Wiest                            Date:

Note: We just finished the third day. I’ve gagged hard on every egg I’ve eaten (those textures were never meant to be together), and turning down a luscious piece of banana cake that I could have eaten without ever telling my roommate was one of the truest tests of character I’ve ever undergone. It’s gonna be a long month.

2 thoughts on “While waiting for licensure. . .

  1. Interesting that this post immediately followed one titled, “A working theology of suffering.” 🙂 Good for you! Healthy habits are so hard to form, but so valuable once we can get the blasted things entrenched!

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