Goals 2013

My regular readers know that I’m a persistent, if frequently failed, goal maker.

Since I have recently come to grips with the fact that my goal achieving abilities are on par with those of your average goldfish, I’ve decided that the best way to avoid a Pinterest-fueled binge of self-loathing over my failure to do anything of significance in my lifetime is to simply make goals after the fact. Pre-achieved goals, I’ve discovered, are the way to go.

So here, my friends, are my 2013 goals, designed in retrospect of my 2013 accomplishments.

1) Lose 20 pounds.

This was a total accident. A perpetual sinus infection will do that to ya. I don’t recommend this method, but hey, it happened, and I am now the skinniest I have been since age 2 weeks. BOOM.

2) Get some pretty new bling.

I did this the roundabout way, by putting the blood, sweat, and tears into a relationship that would result in said bling, but either way, mission accomplished.

The bait
The bait

Coming Springish 2014: MRS. Lauren.

Hands are so weird. All knobbly and stuff.

3) Publish a book

This was a 2011 and 2012 goal, but when I took off the pressure, it finally got accomplished. To Persia, With Love: An American Woman’s Memoirs will be available on Amazon soon!

4) Use my sewing machine

See, if I had made this list at the beginning of the year, I would have put all kinds of complicated caveats on this, like “Sew something that’s actually useful.” Because I was just going with the flow, I ended up using my sewing machine a good bit. . .and now have several unfitted muslins to show for it. BOOM. Mission accomplished.

5) See my family.

I got to see them twice this year! For the globe-dwelling Wiests, that’s a huge win.

6) Get a new job.

Another accident. I vaguely considered finding a new job, one of my friends sent me a job opening for a sexual trauma counselor that looked like it would be perfect. . .and, as it turns out, it is.

7) Visit the homeland and hit up a new country in the process.

This also happened, thanks to my sweet man, who flew me home via the Netherlands so I could celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents, show him where I grew up, and say yes to his proposal.

8) Be in a band.

Unfortunately, we’re going on hiatus before we actually did much other than a couple of house shows and a lot of rehearsal, but we hope to have an EP put together before that point. I’ll keep you posted.

9) Move into a new apartment.

I love living with roommates 27 and 28. (No lie. I was hoping Tom would be my 30th, but it looks like it’s not going to be.) They are such sweet, gracious, encouraging girls. I am blessed to be able to be excited to go home at the end of every day.

And we have Christmas lights, which are basically the offspring of magic and joy, all over the apartment!!!

See? Delightful. (Feel free to imagine the delight emanating at you through the graininess of the photo, if needed.)


10) Experience the Lord’s grace over and over.

Because I need it all the time; I’m such a screw up, you’d think sin was my job. I’m thankful that though I am persistently unfaithful, his faithfulness and goodness endure. Each year I become more aware of how undeserving I am.

Man. I feel so much better with that list than I have ever felt when looking at a list of goals written ahead of time. That being said, there are a few things I can almost count on happening in 2014, so I’ll go ahead and call them right now:

2014 Goals:

1) Gain 20 pounds.

It’s gonna happen. May as well be proud of the fact.

2) Get some MORE bling, probably at a big party where I wear a pretty dress. Just a guess.

Cause just one ring isn’t enough.

3) TBD. But I’m open to suggestions.

Y’all, this system of goal designing is fantastic.  I can’t say enough good things about it. Now, before 2013 is gone forever, scurry to your couch, fill a piece of paper with a list of your accomplishments, write “2013 Goals” along the top, and revel in your accomplishments!

2 thoughts on “Goals 2013

  1. Lauren…you have always brought joy in the reading and hearing of your stories. I’m excited to see how God is growing you and blessing you as you bless others (myself included).

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