I just finished reading this post over on the Gospel Coalition blog; it was like an answer to a prayer for which I had not yet formed words.

My time in the Word has been stale of late, friends; my spirit has been sort of spiritually fallow after a short spurt of incredible growth in the spring and summer of 2012. I’ve struggled to recapture my excitement and vision for the Word, and after a few weeks of walking away from my encounters with the Lord feeling empty, I began to pull away more and more.

My spiritual harvest of 2013 was, unfortunately, mostly weeds. Despite a wonderful community of believers around me who clearly love the Lord and strove to help me do the same, I let sin grow, and sometimes fertilized it myself with my ample stores of pride, arrogance, and other derivatives of my sick self-obsession. More on that and the lessons I’ve learned as a result later, but for now, suffice it to say that I am so grateful for the post above, and with it, the reminder that the only way to grow in the Word is to expose yourself to it, despite how you feel and regardless of whether you are reaping immediately gratifying results. I want so badly to crave the Word, to live it out in my daily life, to think the thoughts of the Lord after Him, but have lacked focus when I’ve tried to get back into it.

But now, with the ESV Study Bible my mind-bogglingly sweet and thoughtful boo thang bought me for Christmas (I’ve only been coveting one for, oh, an eternity or so) and a plan that offers a little structure but not too much rigidity (perfect for my flip-flopping Myers-Briggs J/P), I hope to reignite my passion for the Word and continue to cultivate my love for the Lord in 2014.

If this plan sounds like something that would be helpful to you, please feel free to join me! I would love to hear about the impact it has on you as we seek the Lord together.


2 thoughts on “Reignite

  1. I started tonight with the book of Philippians. I read through it 4 times and think for me doing this in a 5 day prior dis the most doable. I’ve already made connections in the book that I didn’t see before. Thanks for posting this link.

  2. I can identify with feeling stale in the Scriptures. There was some turmoil around here, that knocked me of my pins, and I’ve never really gotten back in sync. I intend to try this. I appreciate the recommendation.

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