Blessed to be a Blessing Challenge

As I curled into bed last night I started processing what I had been thinking and feeling during the day, with the result that I (with the speed and precision of someone who one day hopes to make a living off of identifying feelings) took the next 3.5 hours to decipher that I am lonely.… Continue reading Blessed to be a Blessing Challenge

From meat-and-potatoes to ‘vaguetarian’: a saga

When I was little, I was the quintessential meat-and-potatoes, hold-the-potatoes kinda gal. I loved me some steak, man. I would shamelessly root through a casserole to pick out the chicken and cheese and creamy bits, leaving the rice and veggies behind. I thought vegetarians were 2 parts weird and 3 parts crazy, with a good… Continue reading From meat-and-potatoes to ‘vaguetarian’: a saga